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Cybex Smith Rack – USED

The Cybex Smith Rack combines the beginner-friendly weight stabilization of a Smith Machine with the advanced options of supporting the Olympic bar. The slim design is inviting for all athletes.

Size (L x W x H): 56” x 73” x 88”
Recommended Live Area (L x W): 120” x 120”
Weight: 398 LB (180 KG)
Max Training Weight: 495 LB (224 KG)
Max Bar Capacity: 5 – 45 LB (4 – 25 KG) plates
Starting Resistance: 45 LB (20 KG)
Weight Horns: 8 Weight Horn Capacity

Key Features:

  • 7° angle to match the natural path of movement
  • Linear bearing for a smooth feel (45 lb starting resistance)
  • Outer bar supports provide space for free weight exercises
  • Olympic Bar storage to secure the bar when using the Smith Machine

*Weights and extra barbell not included


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