The Row AKTIV Water Rower is designed and engineered by professional rowers and craftsmen using only the highest quality components – ensures complete satisfaction in function, performance and reliability. The Neptune Challenge also delivers the truest emulation of the sensation, sight and sound of real on-water rowing in your own home.

• Variable water resistance: Adjusting the volume from 9 to 17 liters delivers a huge range suitable for any fitness level
• Our latest hyper-drive linkage will challenge the strongest of rowers.
• Applies fluid resistance technology: Water – nature’s perfect resistance.
• No dead spots. Our triple bladed impeller system offers instant catch. The pull is strong and consistent through the complete rowing stroke. Other rowers offer little to no resistance at the beginning or end of a stroke.
• Super comfortable seat running on precision bearings and rollers for absolute smoothness.
• Highest quality anodized aluminum seat rail for smoothness, appearance, strength and durability.
Model – Fluid Rower Neptune AR

Manufacturer – First Degree Fitness

Length – 1975mm (77.8”)
Width – 530mm (20.9”)
Height510mm (20.1”)



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